This is what Democracy Looks Like!

The Pierce County Democratic Central Committee (PCDCC) is the county-wide umbrella organization for the Democratic Party in Pierce County. The PCDCC is presided over by Chair Kathy Orlando and the elected
officers which are Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, State Committeeman
and State Committeewoman and Membership Chair. Additionally, each legislative district with
the majority of precincts in Pierce County elect three representatives to the
Executive Board. Rounding out the Executive Board are the chairs from each LD.

The PCDCC sets the tone for the Democratic Party in Pierce County, supports LDs, Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs), and other county organizations, and takes a leading role in recruiting and supporting Democratic
candidates for county, federal, and state-wide offices.

Our Current Officers

Chair: Kathy Orlando

Vice Chair: Marcus Young

2nd Vice Chair: Evan Koepfler

Vice Chair of Communications: Susan Hartle

Vice Chair of Outreach: Kimber Starr

Vice Chair of PCO Development: Yanah G. Cook

Secretary: open

Treasurer: Shawn Cole
Assistant Treasurer: Chelsea McElroy
Membership Chair: Wendy Wright
State Committee Member: Treyvon Dunbar
State Committee Member: Cassandra Brown 
Sergeant at Arms: Julian Wheeler