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A litle bit about the Endorsement Process

The Pierce County Democrats will only formally endorse candidates that are county wide, state or federal candidates. For local candidates, we look to the Legislative district to complete the endorsement process according to their set ByLaws and if a candidate earns their endorsement you will have the endorsement of the Pierce County Democratic Central Committee.

Helpful hints on Endorsements:

Questionnaires will come to you via email from some organizations but others you will have to seek. Make sure to come up with a plan for filling them out, keeping track of them and those you have turned in or asked for.

Master list of questions:

Create a master list of every questionnaire you fill out. that when you are asked a similar question (or the same exact question), you can go back to what you said before. This does several things. Keeps your answers accurate with any research you had to do, keeps your answers consistent and hopefully you have someone proofread your answers before submitted. If in the future you are on a timeline and can't have someone review, getting those previously written answers used to complete the newest one.


Groups to think about are: (you might look on this page for some ideas)

Our group, and other Democratic LDs in Pierce County

Labor groups

Environmental groups

Political movements

Finding other organizations:

You can always go to the PDC and look up what groups contributed to candidates running in the past. The PDC has the history available. You can look up the person that ran the last time, is running against you or look at someone running for a similar position in another area. Any PAC, union or organization will be listed. In addition, you can look at websites for other candidates to see who has endorsed them. If you have a volunteer with some tech skills they can create a contact list or even send emails on your behalf asking for the application. This is a link to the Campaign Explorer for the PDC and can look state wide for municipal, legislative and state wide races.

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