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Resources for Voters

Voter FAQ:

Who can vote in Washington?

*A US Citizen, legal resident of the state that is 18 years old by election day, has not been disqualified from voting due to court order and is currently not under Department of Corrections supervision for a Washington felony. Learn more

Can I register in person?

*You can register to vote in-person at the Pierce County Elections Office in Tacoma. Please check the Elections office for details.

What if I need help voting?

*The Pierce County Auditor has resources for people with trouble accessing ballots and information. We do not want anyone to not be able to vote that wants to. Each of these links will help you find info for this particular barrier.

military & away from home, experience homelessness, accessibility and language supports

How does mail-in balloting work?

*Washington state is 100% mail in ballots. However,  you can drop off your ballots in any registered ballot box, or in the mail. It is highly recommended if you are using the US Postal mail, send it in early so that it gets counted. It must be post marked by election day!

Click here to find Ballot Drop Boxes

Click here to find your voting district

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