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2024 Pierce County Endorsements

The Pierce County Democrats are proud to endorse candidates       running for public office who demonstrate solid Democratic values.

We endorse at the County, State and Judicial levels only. 

We trust our legislative districts to conduct legislative district endorsements, and the candidates they choose to endorse are considered endorsed by the Pierce County Democrats

Questionnaires have been sent out to candidates who are well known here in Pierce County.

 If we have missed you we apologize please email our

 Pierce County Elections Chair Patti Dailey

 The Pierce County Democrats 

will be happy to send that out right away.

If we have not endorsed you before, or if we have endorsed you prior, but you are running for a new office.

We will you to fill out a new questionnaire as well as an interview.

Thank you for your interest in an endorsement with the Pierce County Democrats.

We are excited to hear how we can work together on addressing the needs in Pierce County. 


Pierce County Democratic Central Committee


2nd Legislative District


25th Legislative District


26th Legislative District


27th Legislative District


28th Legislative District


31st Legislative District


For Candidates Seeking Endorsements

For candidates at the Judicial, County, Federal and State levels, we invite you to complete the appropriate questionnaire and submit to our Endorsement Committee Chair at for consideration by the Pierce County Democrats.

Judicial Candidates

Partisan Candidates

Non-Partisan Candidates

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