Endorsement Questionnaires


The following questionnaires have been submitted to the Pierce County Democrats Endorsement Committee. The recommendations of the committee will be presented at the May 14, 2020 PCDCC regular meeting where endorsements will be considered. Please click the candidate name to read their full questionnaire. Those that have been recommended by the Committee are listed below in the next section.

Rebecca Parson - US House of Representatives, WA-6

Beth Doglio - US House of Representatives, WA-10

Phil Gardner - US House of Representatives, WA-10

Kristine Reeves - US House of Representatives, WA-10

Marilyn Strickland - US House of Representatives, WA-10

Charles W. Johnson - Washington Supreme Court Justice, Position 4

Gael Tarleton - Secretary of State 

Tom Quinlan - Pierce County Superior Court, Department 6

Diana KieselPierce County Superior Court, Department 7

Judge Grant Blinn - Pierce County Superior Court, Department 8

Matthew Thomas - Pierce County Superior Court, Department 13

Sabrina Ahrens - Pierce County Superior Court, Department 14

Judge Clarence Henderson, Jr. - Pierce County Superior Court, Department 21

Judge Alicia BurtonPierce County Superior Court, Department 22

Sarah Rumbaugh - Pierce County Council, District 2

Yanah G. CookPierce County Council, District 3

Marcus Young - Pierce County Council, District 3

Preston AndersonPierce County Council, District 4

Timothy FarrellPierce County Council, District 4

Ryan MelloPierce County Council, District 4

John Caverly - Pierce County Council, District 6

Jani Hitchen - Pierce County Council, District 6

Mike KreidlerInsurance Commissioner

2020 Pierce County Democrats Endorsements Committee

Recommended early endorsements 


The Endorsements Committee met on March 24, 2020, and April 2, 2020, and voted at those meetings to recommend that the candidates listed below receive the early endorsement of the Pierce County Democratic Central Committee’s (PCDCC or Pierce County Democrats). If given, an early endorsement is typically made before candidate filing week in May of election years.  


With the exception of Governor Inslee, all the recommended candidates submitted completed questionnaires, which committee members reviewed. The completed questionnaires will be posted on the Pierce County Democrats website. Because Governor Inslee is currently devoting his full attention to Covid-19 response, he was unable to submit a questionnaire. To consider a recommendation for Governor Inslee, the committee voted to suspend its rule requiring a questionnaire for early endorsement and then, after consideration of the Governor’s known policy stances and record, voted to recommend endorsement.


The committee’s recommendations are submitted to the Pierce County Democrats so that the general membership can consider adopting them at the April 2020 meeting or at a subsequent meeting, given the difficulty of holding meetings or conducting votes during the restrictions imposed during the public health emergency. The committee’s recommended early endorsements are not a “slate”; each recommendation may be considered individually.


Recommended for Early Endorsement (names link to completed questionnaire):


Candidates who met the following criteria were eligible to be considered without a full investigation for an early endorsement recommendation under the Endorsements Committee standing rules (with the one rule suspension noted above):


  1. If a partisan office, the candidate is a known Democrat.

  2. The candidate is an incumbent in the office sought.

  3. The PCDCC previously endorsed the candidate for the office now held and sought.

  4. The candidate submits a current endorsement questionnaire.




  1. If a partisan office, the candidate is a known Democrat

  2. The PCDCC or another Pierce County Democratic organization has previously endorsed the candidate for an office.

  3. The candidate has demonstrated Democratic values while serving in elected office.

  4. The candidate now seeks a different office, has no known Democratic opponents, and an early endorsement would benefit the candidate and the party.

  5. The candidate submits a current endorsement questionnaire.


The Endorsements Committee will continue to consider additional candidates for endorsement, including candidates who may be running against those recommended for early endorsement. The committee will submit an additional report recommending further endorsements after the close of filing week (May 15, 2020) and before the scheduled June 2020 general meeting of the Pierce County Democrats.  


-Ian Northrip

Chair, 2020 PCDCC Endorsements Committee

April 3, 2020

Pierce County Democratic Central Committee
3049 South 36th Street, Suite 206  Tacoma, WA 98409

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